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Open air freedom is the warm sun, a cool breeze and the  perfect view – all from the driver‘s seat. Whether you are  driving cross-country, bringing home pizza, or simply sitting in the driveway, you want to get the maximum comfort from  your vehicle.  RSC has decades of combined experience installing high-quality sunroofs in any kind of vehicle. From trucks, to cars and SUVs, you can have confidence in RSC Restyling providing your with sunroof installation you will not regret.

Our Standard Sunroof Model

Sunroof Installation Options

Standard Inbuilt

Hollandia 700-II Entry

The Hollandia 700-II Entry sunroof offers three available sizes for installation to fit nearly any vehicle.  Innovative design and quality manufacturing combine to create a beautiful and practical sunroof. Each Hollandia 700-II Entry sunroof matches the look and finish of your vehicle’s exterior and blends into the interior for a sophisticated finish. Use the sunroof panel vents to let in fresh air or fully open it to let in the sunshine.

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